Welcome to Chemistry

  • A fun chemistry lab!

    Welcome to Chemistry!

    Chemistry is the study of matter in terms of its physical and chemical properties, the transformations it undergoes, and the energy changes associated with those transformations.  The course curriculum follows the 30 week preAP Chemistry curriculum designed by the College Board.  In addition, we cover Arizona State Standards for HS Science not addressed by the College Borad curriculum.  The scope, sequence, and depth of coverage in this course will prepare students for success in introductory level college chemistry.  Students report that learning chemistry requires hard work and attention on a daily basis.  However, they also report that the experience of learning chemistry helps them grow tremendously as both a student and citizen scientist.

    Google Classroom Student Enrollment Links

    PERIOD 1 LINK:  el6efpv

    PERIOD 2 LINK:  fcli5vs

    PERIOD 4 LINK:  ewualwz

    PERIOD 5 LINK:  sbgede7

    PERIOD 6 LINK:  a56fxal


Class Schedule

    • 1st period:  preAP Chemistry 
    • 2nd period: preAP Chemistry
    • 3rd period:  TEACHER PREP
    • 4th period:  preAP Chemistry (H)
    • LUNCH
    • 5th period: preAP Chemistry (H)
    • 6th period: preAP Chemistry (H)