•                                                                                                             Ms. Eagle's Online Expectations


    Weekly Expectations:

       1.  Assignments/classwork will be uploaded to Google Classroom a week at a time.

       2.  Consumer Math Packets were mailed out Tuesday March 30th.

       3.  Assignments will have due dates listed within Google Classroom.

       4.  My stream notification to students is on and please read for information.


    Daily Expecttions:

        1.  Attendancewill be taken daily per class.

        2.  To be 'present,' please check the 'marked as done' box for each class by 3:00 p.m.

        3.  Students who do NOT check 'marked as done' for the day will be marked as absent.


    Behaviorial Expectations:

        1.  Pleasea be patient - with each other, teachers and me. These times present new learning ways and new times for all of us.

        2.  Please  be understanding - everyone is experiencing the pandemic of COVID-19 differently.  For some much more than others.

        3.  Please be watchful - see something, say something.  If you know another student is struggling with ANYTHING, please reach out to a teacher, counselor or staff member.

        4.  Please be appropriate - this is still school!  Even though this is a much more casual setting, consequences can still be enacted for inappropriate or bully interactions within this 

             new setting.



        1.  All assignments will be located in the "CLASSWORK"  tab on the Google Classroom and organized  weekly.  

        2.  Students will complete and upload all work to the "CLASSWORK' tab on the Google Classroom and do not forget to use your first and last name.

        3.  Teachers have been asked to post, a minimum of two assigments per week.



         1.  Students will be grades on the work submitted to the Google Classroom.  Exception will be Consumer Math class when it comes to the packets.

         2.  Work submitted via Google Classroom and/or Consumer Math packets can improve current grades.

         3.  Students that were failing at the end of the third quarter can still earn an 'F' for the course.  Please do not let this happen.


    Missing Work

          1.  We are moving forward and you can improve your grade by being engaged in learning now and submitting the work assigned.


    Contacting Ms. Eagle

          1.  I have specific office hours daily from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. for immediate response, be patient though, depending high demand.  Also, I can be reached at other time but with a potential 

               delayed response.

          2.  I can be reached at [email protected] or through comments in Google Classroom.