• 04/16/2020

    Update information for all students.

    Freshman -Juniors the last day to turn in WORK is May 15th.

    Seniors last day to turn in WORK is May 8th.


    New Information 04/01/2020.

    Welcome back to the rest of of school year.  I miss seeing you all and so sorry the school year changed the way it did.  I just hope all of you are safe and well.  As you are aware on March 30th our Govenor announced that our schools will be closed for the remainder of the school year. For the fourth quarter we will be finishing the year using Virtual Learning. This will now be our new normal and we will be learning this new way together.  We will be using Google Classroom for Consumer Math and Essential Skills.  To access Google Classroom just click the Goggle Classroom app and accept the invite not code needed.  At times, we will use Zoom for those who are up for it.  Assignments will be available a week at a time for you to complete by the due dates.  We will work this out together and if you have any questions or just need to reach out email me at  keagle@ccusd93.net

    My Online Classroom Expectations can be found in Class Documents.




    The classes I teach are Consumer Math Essentials and Essential Skills.

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Class Schedule

  • Period  1   Consumer Math Essentials (Seniors)
    Period  2   Prep
    Period  3   Consumer Math Essentials (Seniors)
    Period  4   Essential Skills
    Period  5   Essential Skills
    Period  6   Essential Skills