• Syllabi for Mr. Cupo's Theatre Courses



    Syllabus 1/2

    Syllabus 3/4

    Syllabus 5/6

    Cultural Event Report

     Movie Permission Slip (1/2)

    Movie Permission Slip (3/4)

    Character Bio Questions


    Syllabi addendum regarding accademic integrity and dishonesty:


    District Policy JK-R

    A student may be subject to disciplinary action when the student engages in any of the following forms of academic misconduct:

    • Lateness - For missing or leaving school or class without permission or excuse.
    • Cheating - Including but not limited to copying, using unauthorized help sheets and the like, illegally obtaining tests in advance, substituting for a test-taker, and other forms of unauthorized collusion.
    • Plagiarism - Representation of the ideas or work of another person as his/her own.
    • Collusion - Supporting malpractice by another student as in allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted for assessment by another.
    • Duplication of work - Presentation of the same work for different assessment components and/or requirements.
    • Fabrication of Data - Manufacturing data for a table, survey, or other such requirement.
    • Any behavior that gains an unfair advantage for a student and/or affects the results of another student.

    Cactus Shadows High School takes academic dishonesty seriously. Any violation of this policy will result in a zero for the assignment/assessment for a first offense, a zero for the assignment/assessment  and short term suspension for a second offense and a loss of credit for the semester course (.5) and short term suspension for a third offense. 


    Students who share assignment/assessment information with other students via pictures, paper or electronics will receive a zero on the assignment/assessment and a short term to long term suspension (prior academic misconduct referrals from any other school or CCUSD grade level will be considered). 


    School Absence Policy

    Students are responsible for contacting teachers to complete missed work. Parents can e-mail teachers to request homework to pick up during a student’s absence.  For every day of excused absence, a student has two days to make up homework, classwork, quizzes, and tests (parents have 24 hours to contact the school to excuse the absence). Work previously assigned with a due date during an absence is due on the first day of his/her return to school (including suspension dates). Be advised that each department, which assigns extended projects, has specific deadline dates.  All make up work from an excused absence is eligible to receive full credit if completed and turned in within the 2 day window. Some courses such as Honors, Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate and Dual Enrollment courses have numerous long-term projects or portfolios, which may have absolute deadlines. Students will be advised of these project/portfolio deadlines in the course syllabus or on grading outlines and will be expected to turn in projects/portfolios prior to the designated date for credit regardless of days absent.  Assignments, tests, quizzes not completed within the 2 day window will receive a zero.  (Ref: Board Policy JH-R)