Department Overview

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    In Cave Creek Unified School District the safety and security of our students is of the utmost importance.  In an effort to provide safety for our bus riders, we are requiring all students who ride the bus to be signed up for transportation through the parent portal. 

    If you have any transportation questions, contact Pam Nelson  [email protected]   Thank you for your support in keeping our students safe.

    Transportation Policy 

    The safe transportation of students to and from school is the primary function of the Transportation Department. Bus riding is a privilege extended to students through Governing Board policy. Students shall conduct themselves before boarding the bus, while on the bus, and after leaving the bus, in a manner consistent with established bus safety rules. Students shall abide by all policies and regulations relating to conduct on school buses.


    Department Information

    Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 5:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Main Phone Number: 480-575-2080 or 480-575-2089

    The Transportation Department has 47 buses which cover 31 high school and middle school routes, 28 elementary routes, and 13 special needs routes.  In addition to our "yellow" school buses, we also have 4 "white activity" buses.  These 4 buses are available for use by District employees who have completed white vehicle training in-house.  Activity Buses are normally utilized for small sports activities,  special needs activities and district trips with 10 or less.  We also operate a fleet of 8 white passenger vans which assist with our out of district special needs routes.  All our vehicles have color/digital recording devices on board.  Our buses travel in excess of 677,121 miles each year.  100% of our buses are air-conditioned.