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  • 2018/2019  

  • Tip of the Day

    When you ask your child to come up with more than one solution for a problem, you’re helping him become a flexible thinker. Try this: State a problem, like being stranded on a deserted island. How many solutions can he think of? (Build a raft. Light a signal fire.)
    Play an imaginary game of catch, but instead of a ball, “toss” rhymes! One person acts out pitching a ball and says a random word (“flavor”). The “catcher” tosses back a rhyming word (“savor”). When you run out of rhymes, “throw” a new word.
    Suggest that your child make a bar graph of all the pets in her life. She can list animals (dog, cat, lizard) along the bottom of a sheet of graph paper, then color a square in the correct column for each one a friend or relative has. Which pet is most common? 
    Classic childhood games can increase your youngster’s ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. Try games like “Red Light, Green Light,” “Simon Says,” and “Mother, May I?” Take turns leading the game so your child gets the chance to give instructions..
    Laughter is a proven stress reliever, so try taking a “humor break” today. You might tell jokes or do a silly dance like the Hokey-Pokey or the Chicken Dance. Or hold a contest where you try not to laugh—who can make the other person laugh first?
    Finding evidence to back up conclusions is a key skill for a growing reader. Give your child practice on movie night. You might ask how she thinks a character feels, then ask “How do you know?”
    Being able to recognize social cues can help your child “read” people and react appropriately. Role-play to help him develop this skill. For example, you might tap your foot and look at your watch to show impatience or nod while he talks to show you are listening. 

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  • Welcome to the Special Education Services Department.  We are dedicated to developing and implementing exceptional programs for all areas of need from Pre-School through Transition to Work.  Our team strives to support students, parents, and teachers to make great things happen for kids. Thank you for visiting this site; we encourage you to come back often. Your feedback is encouraged.

    Special Education Services Mission: To create individualized programs that allow each student to acquire new knowledge and develop skills necessary to be successful after high school. 

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  • Carrie Igondjo

    Ms. Carrie Igondjo
    Director Of Special Education  

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    Program Specialist

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    Administrative Assistant  

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    Program Assistant

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    Compliance Specialist

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    Instructional Coach