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    For active math practice, hold a family long-jump contest. Each person can start at the same spot and jump forward. Let your child mark each person’s landing spot with tape, then use a ruler to measure the distances and announce the winner.


    Proofreading is important for helping your child catch and fix mistakes. But it can also spark new ideas to add to a story or paper. Encourage your youngster to set the work aside for a little while, then come back to it with fresh eyes.


    Make a spinning top that draws! Your child can put a marker through the center of an old CD, tape it in place, and spin it. Then, suggest experimenting with moving the disc higher and lower on the marker. How does it change the way the top spins and what it draws?


    Cut down on refereeing by having your children play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to settle disputes. The winner gets to pick out the cereal at the grocery store or to be player one in a video game, for example.


    Learning to use basic tools like pliers and screwdrivers builds fine motor skills. Look for opportunities to let your child practice using them. For instance, you might ask for help putting up a shelf, tightening the hinges on a door, or repairing a toy.


    Read a news article together and ask your child to identify the five “W questions” (who, what, where, when, why) that the author answered. Your youngster will get reading practice and see how writers use details to create a complete picture for the reader.


    Walking a homemade labyrinth can improve your child’s ability to focus. Make a spiral on the driveway using sidewalk chalk, jump ropes, or a garden hose. Then, take turns slowly walking to the middle of the spiral and back out. This improves balance, too.

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  • Welcome to the Special Education Services Department.  We are dedicated to developing and implementing exceptional programs for all areas of need from Pre-School through Transition to Work.  Our team strives to support students, parents, and teachers to make great things happen for kids. Thank you for visiting this site; we encourage you to come back often. Your feedback is encouraged.

    Special Education Services Mission: To create individualized programs that allow each student to acquire new knowledge and develop skills necessary to be successful after high school. 

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