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    The Bobcat Beats is our school’s one of a kind percussion group.  As a member of the Bobcat Beats, students will develop their rhythmic and percussion skills, as well as enhance their recorder skills. Students will also learn to read beginning music notation.   Students DO NOT need to purchase or rent an instrument to join. No prior instrument experience is required. Students must be in Grades 4th-6th!

    Limited to 20 students- First come, First serve


    Bobcat Beats Rehearsal Schedule: 

     *Wednesdays (before school)- 8:00am-8:40am

    Bobcat Beats sign-up are closed for the fall semester!

    *There will be a one-time activity fee of $30 for all Bobcat Beats members  

    • Students MUST attend rehearsal regularly.  

    • Students are permitted 2 unexcused absences.  Please notify Mrs. Lovewell with an email, remind.com text, or written excuse for absences.

    • There will be an activity fee of $30 for Bobcat Beats to be paid each semester of participation.

    • Frequent tardiness to Bobcat Beats rehearsal may result in dismissal from the club (late by 10 minutes)

    • All performances are mandatory.  Absences from performances may result in dismissal.

    • Students are expected to be on their best behavior.  Any violations of the school or classroom rules may result in dismissal.

    • Students are required to wear their uniform (performance shirt and black pants) to all performances unless otherwise noted.  Students without their uniform will not be permitted to perform.

    • Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability and learn their assigned musical parts. Practice materials will be digitally distributed to parents/ students.

    • Siblings may not attend rehearsal if they are not a member of the music club.