Course Description:  Students read and write a variety of expository and argumentative/persuasive essays, mastering different writing techniques, organizational patterns and editing skills. They complete a research project that demonstrates mastery in all areas of the research process. A wide base of world literature complements the skills learned. Students study grade-level vocabulary.
    Course Length: 2 Semesters Credit: 1.0
    Prerequisite: English 9
    Grade Level: 10
    Course Outline:

    Areas of Focus:
    The 10th-Grade English areas of focus are practices that students develop and leverage as they engage with content. These areas of focus are vertically aligned to the practices embedded in other English courses in high school, including AP, and in college, giving students multiple opportunities to strengthen and deepen their work with these skills throughout their education. These areas of focus help to identify and prioritize the practices that are so fundamental to the study of English that they occur consistently throughout the full course of study.

    10th Grade English
    Areas of Focus:

    • Reading closely: Students read closely and analyze a range of complex literary and informational texts.
    • Valuing evidence: Students value textual evidence and incorporate it effectively in writing and speaking.
    • Noticing language choices: Students understand how writers and speakers use specific words and sentences to move the thoughts, emotions, and actions of readers and listeners.

    Quarter 1 
    Topic: Argumentation

    Quarter 2 
    Topic: Literary and Rhetorical Analysis of Fiction

    Quarter 3
    Topic: Synthesis

    Quarter 4 
    Topic: Comparative Analysis

    Course Materials:

    Materials will vary, including the use of novels, short stories, poetry, non-fiction essays, videos, film clips, and other multimedia forms. Course materials or access to materials will be provided by the instructor.

    Examples (but not limited to):

    Collection of short stories, poems, essays, drama, speeches, and non-fiction pieces is provided by the Governing Board of the Cave Creek Unified School District.


    Pen, pencil, spiral notebook, highlighter, 1” binder, loose leaf paper, flash drive for saving documents (optional). 

    Additional Support and Make-up Hours:  Students will have additional support during office hours. Additional support can be  obtained through limited volunteer tutoring. Make-up tests will be given in the Testing Center.    

    How grades are weighted:

    Formative Assessments (Bellwork, Homework, etc.) will account for 40% of the student's grade.

    Summative Assessments (tests/quizzes/essays/projects) will account for 45% of the student's grade.

    The Final Exam will account for 15% of the student's final grade.

    Grades are assigned based on the following scale (all percentages in the gradebook are  rounded to the nearest whole number):  

    90% and above = A 
    80% - <90% = B  
    70% - <80% = C  
    60% - <70% = D
    <60% or less is not passing  

    Extra Credit Policy-Only students that have 100% of the assignments turned in with no late work are eligible for extra credit. 

    Test Correction Policy: No retakes. 

    Grades are located online. It is the student’s responsibility to check  grades frequently in case of error.  

    Grade Changes: I will provide many opportunities for students to demonstrate learning  throughout the grading period. I have worked diligently to assure that each student is treated  equitably. In order to maintain the integrity of grades, requests to change or “bump up” grades  will not be considered. A student’s grade is a snapshot of mastery of content during a relatively  narrow time frame of Semester 1 or Semester 2, and does not represent future potential.  

    Per district policy, grade changes can only be completed if the teacher makes a clerical error.  Additionally, changes can only be made to a single previous semester,   

    Homework:  Per the student handbook, if a student is absent he/she will be allowed to make up the work for EXCUSED absences only.   The student has equal to the number of days missed plus one to complete work from an excused absence.  Unexcused absences will result in a zero on homework submitted that day or work completed in class (this includes tests/projects).  It is your responsibility to get your make-up work, notes, etc.  


    Per district policy, if a student is absent more than 10 days during the semester, they may lose credit for the course.  The attendance protocol will be enforced this school year. 


    Students are tardy if they are not in the room when the bell rings, unless a  written pass is given to the instructor upon arrival.  

    District Policy JK-R  

    A student may be subject to disciplinary action when the student engages in any of the  following forms of academic misconduct:  

    • Lateness - For missing or leaving school or class without permission or excuse. 
    • Cheating - Including but not limited to copying, using unauthorized help sheets and the like,  illegally obtaining tests in advance, substituting for a test-taker, and other forms of  unauthorized collusion.  
    • Plagiarism - Representation of the ideas or work of another person as his/her own. 
    • Collusion - Supporting malpractice by another student, as in allowing one’s work to be copied or submitted by another student and allowing that student to pass it off as their own.  
    • Duplication of work - Presentation of the same work for different assessment components  and/or requirements.  
    • Fabrication of Data - Manufacturing data for a table, survey, or other such requirement.  ·Any behavior that gains an unfair advantage for a student and/or affects the results of another  student.  

    Cactus Shadows High School takes academic dishonesty seriously. Any violation of this policy  will result in a zero for the assignment/assessment for a first offense, a zero for the  assignment/assessment and short term suspension for a second offense and a loss of credit for  the semester course (.5) and short term suspension for a third offense.  

    Students who share assignment/assessment information with other students via pictures,  paper or electronics will receive a zero on the assignment/assessment and a short term to long  term suspension (prior academic misconduct referrals from any other school or CCUSD grade  level will be considered).  

    All documents will be submitted as major papers -- even those submitted to the Google Classroom portal -- will also be submitted to TurnItIn to check for plagiarism.  

    Under NO circumstances are students allowed to “share” answers on assignments, warm ups  (bellwork), labs, quizzes, or tests. Additionally, students should not be in possession of other  students’ papers. The use of textbooks or “cheat sheets” for tests or quizzes is also not  permitted. Students will receive NO CREDIT for any of the items described above, as well as, for  talking during a quiz or test. Whenever two people are involved in a cheating episode, BOTH  the person providing the answer and the person receiving the answer will earn NO CREDIT.  Parents will be notified and a referral to the appropriate administrator will be written. A second  offense may result in a short-term suspension for up to nine days, as per CCUSD policy.  

    Students Leaving Class:  

    Passes will not be given the first ten minutes or the last ten minutes of the class period and  students are to be gone no longer than ten minutes. Please use passing periods wisely and take  care of personal matters. Also bring everything you need to class. Passes will not be given to go  to your locker, to get food, or beverages.  

    Electronic Devices:  

    Classrooms are now designated as ‘No Phone Zones’ except with teacher's permission.  Cellphones are not to be seen or used in classrooms for any reason other than teachers request academic activities. Upon entry into the classroom, students will turn off their phones and place them into the phone holder at the back of the classroom.

    If a student ever states they are expecting a call to be picked up, they will be notified that the party can always call the school's receptionist, and the receptionist will contact me to send the student to the office to be released.     

    Guest Teachers: We value our guest teachers.  The expectation is that our students treat our guests with the highest level of respect.  Students who choose to be disrespectful and make poor choices while in the classroom with a guest teacher will have disciplinary consequences. 

    I am here for YOU!!! The State of Arizona and the United States of America pay thousands of dollars each year to make sure you become a productive member of society. If you do not understand something, need extra help, or want to review it, please come to me. You may email me. I will make every effort to help you. You just have to let me know.  

    Disclaimer: Course information listed in this syllabus is subject to change at  the discretion of the instructor. The instructor will explain the rationale for any variance as it occurs.