Supplemental Materials Approval Procedures

  • Supplemental materials will be considered at least annually and presented to the Governing Board for approval. 

    Note: Funding for tradebooks are from site budgets, library allocations, or other sources (book fair, PTO, etc.). The Educational Services Department does not budget for the purchase of approved tradebooks unless they are identified as core curriculum resources.

    Supplemental resources are defined as items that are not part of an approved curriculum and its ancillary materials. Items selected for use in this way may be used to teach Arizona State Standards and enhance, extend, or reteach approved curriculum. Supplemental materials may be used for an entire class activity or small group lessons.

    Classroom and media center/library book collections are available for student use. Teachers and school staff will use their best judgment in securing materials that are suitable to their students. Students are encouraged to inform their parent(s) or guardians of books they are choosing to read. If a parent or guardian considers a student-choice book to be inappropriate for their child, they should request that their child return the book and select something they find more suitable. 

    Process for supplemental resource approval:

    1. Check the approved resource list to see if the requested resource is already approved, has previously been reviewed and not approved, or is under review. Lists will be available on the website.
    2. Complete supplemental resource request form. Submit completed forms to the Director of Academic Services to be included in the next resource review cycle. All sections of the form must be complete for the resource to be considered.
    3. The Supplemental Resource Committee will review resources. Members of the committee will include teachers, parents, administrators, and community members.
    4. The committee will meet to make a recommendation. Recommendations are reviewed, recorded and presented to the Governing Board at least annually for approval.

    Criteria to consider when reviewing resources:

    1. The resource material has been read/watched/reviewed in its entirety prior to use in the classroom.
    2. The resource material is clearly relevant to the curricular content and/or aligned with Arizona State standards.
    3. There is a clear justification for using the resource material.
    4. The resource material does not promote or advocate substance abuse, sex, or vulgarity.
    5. The resource material is not to be used in a way that violates copyright laws.
    6. CCUSD faculty and staff must remain politically neutral. While resource materials may represent varying views, teachers may not promote one political party or viewpoint over another.

    Teachers, please use  this form to submit new supplemental resources for review.  You will be notified if/when they are approved for use by the Governing Board.