• Dr. Anthony Trifiro



    Educational Philosophy

    As a teacher of foreign languages, I feel it is critically important that students not only learn to speak, read and write in the target language; it is equally important that they learn about other cultures of "La Francophonie".  La Francophonie represents all the countries and various cultures which are French speaking all over the world. It is my personal hope, that my French students develop a life-long interest in French language and culture.


    I hold a PhD in Language and Literacy from Arizona State University, an M.Ed in Educational Administration from Chapman University, and a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages (French and Spanish)from New York University. I am certified K9-12 in French, Spanish, Business and K-12 CTE Teacher Education.  I hold a CA Administrator certificate of qualification which I am currently switching to Arizona. 


    A bit of about me!

    I am a first generation American Italian and the first in my family to attend college. I grew up in a small city in central New York state which had extensively a large Italian community.  My first language was Italian (Sicilian) and have memories of starting school and not speaking a word of English.  And like many ESL students in the U.S., I struggled to become proficient in English. French language learning started in the 5th grade at paracohial school, and honestly, it never stopped.

    Professionally prior returning to the classroom, I was an Assistant Research Professor, Non-Tenure Track at Arizona State University and managed programs for teachers in the Phoenix Metro area to obtain additional training in English as a Second Language.  In my professional career prior to teaching, many of my positions required knowledge of a second language.  My very first position, after graduation from NYU, was working in a division of Barclays Banks Plc in New York City. In this position, I often used French and Spanish while working with our overseas counterparts respectively in support of new business in New York metro area.

    For some students, fluency in a second language and understanding of other cultures, will lead to many opportunities. I am happy to be a part their learning of French language and culture.




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