Digital Learning

  • Technology is an integral part of our classroom but never has it been as necessary as it is right now. As we begin our school year virtually, students will spend the first days/weeks learning to navigate our new learning management system, Canvas. Once students have had time to become proficient in using this platform, we will begin using it to get into our Language Arts content. Please be patient and set a good example for your student by approaching this new learning tool with a good attitude.

    When we return to brick and mortar classrooms, we will continue to utilize Canvas. I have a cart of 20 new Chromebooks and can borrow from other classrooms as needed to ensure students have access to a device if they need one.  Please know that while I absolutely love technology, I feel strongly that personal electronic devices (like smartphones) are more of a distraction than an asset in the middle school classroom. As such, I want to emphasize that personal electronic devices are not needed in my Language Arts class AT ALL. Parents--if your child's smartphone is the leverage by which you motivate him/her to behave responsibly and appropriately, do what you need to do. I support you; I applaud you; I admire you. 🙌🏻 💯

    That being said, we will use some form of technology almost each and every day! My goal is to house 85%-90% of all notes, activities, assignments, etc. in Canvas, and students will be expected to use educational apps and other sites to engage in content, study, and demonstrate their learning.