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    Learned how to read with Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Nancy Drew...and I haven't put books down since. When I'm not reading I'm writing a blog or another story. I believe music is a universal way to express feelings. In another life, I would be a member of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra so I could perform scores as movies play. I love movies and shows just as much as I love books because they are simply another form of storytelling. I am allergic to chocolate, did not learn how to read on my own until I was nine, can play four instruments, love the Chicago Cubs and baseball in general, favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray (someday I will get to teach it), The Joker is one of my favorite characters, and I got my only English F when a teacher didn't believe 12-year-old me really read Pride and Prejudice for my book report. 


    I teach because I want to help. Life is hard. School is hard. The only way to survive both is to have a strong support system and teachers are a crucial part of that system. I remember every teacher who ever helped me and I am forever grateful to them. I also believe that parents are educators in their own right and when they work with teachers that can only help their student thrive. I believe that attitude reflects leadership and my behavior in class determines student behavior. My classroom environment is full of passion, humor, pop culture, and every day is a chance to learn and make new memories.


    I studied English because I wanted to work in publishing and I studied at NAU because I wanted to experience snow. I stayed at NAU for my MA because I loved the campus environment and found myself teaching English Composition as a GTA. While there I was also the Nonfiction Editor of the literary magazine. In addition, I presented several papers at various conferences such as NAU's Peaks Interdisciplinary Conference, 18th and 19th Century British Women Writers Conference, and the Utah Shakespeare Festival. After graduation, I moved back to Phoenix to take care of my mom and found myself teaching English Composition at PVCC and online at ASU.

    In 2016, I made the transition to high school. I taught Dual Enrollment English Composition to seniors and English Literature and Composition to freshmen at the charter school, Foothills Academy College Preparatory. In addition, I also taught a Philosophy elective and film studies elective, was an assistant swim coach, and advised the Model United Nations club. That being said, my favorite part of the day was lunch when my room was so packed full of students it probably broke fire code. After two years of teaching and connecting with my students on such a deep level, I decided I wanted to become a better teacher--one who actually had a teaching degree. As of May 2020, I earned a MEd with a Teaching Certificate through ASU. 

    Now I wake up every day excited to see what new chaos the students bring as we study Literature and Writing.