Digital Learning

  • Distance Learning Student Expectations:


    • Lighting: should be well-lighted – student’s faces need to be clearly visible
    • Background: no inappropriate posters, wall art, etc.
    • Sound: no audible music or other distracting sounds (TV, video games, phones, etc)
    • Students should participate from a setting conducive to schoolwork - it is best to establish a “school space/desk area” in the home and not attempt to work from cars, public spaces, poolside, laying on a bed or couch


    • Students should dress according to the student handbook
    • Casual - school-appropriate
    • Hoodies do not cover the head
    • No pajamas or sleepwear
    • No inappropriate messaging on clothing

    Language and behavior:

    • School-appropriate language
    • Avoid distracting behaviors


    • Students must join class within 5 minutes of the assigned time - attendance and tardiness will be recorded
    • Student video is on at all times 
    • Audio is muted until called upon by the teacher, then back to mute
    • Breaks are discouraged since online sessions are brief, however, to minimize distractions if a break is needed, please request permission from the teacher, then turn the video off while on break and turn the video on upon returning. 


    • Teachers will take attendance within the first 5 minutes of class - attendance and tardiness will be recorded.
    • Students having technical issues should “immediately” contact teacher (via email) or the STMS attendance line at 480-272-8604
    • If a student will miss a class period or the whole day, please call the STMS attendance line at 480-272-8604, the same as if we were “in person”.  

    School Rules:

    • Student behavior must be in accordance with established guidelines in the handbook.  If a behavior that is not in alignment with the school rules occurs, consequences will apply.  
    • Academic integrity is absolutely expected during this time - students should produce and turn in their own work – no cheating or plagiarism - any violations will have consequences in accordance with the student handbook.