Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Please note, with new information these responses may be revised.

    July 2, 2020

    Q:  How does the Governor’s Executive Order on June 29th affect CCUSD Schools?
    A:  The Governor’s Executive Order delayed the opening of face-to-face school until at least August 17th.  CCUSD does not want to delay our students’ education for the 2020-2021 school year any longer and will open virtually on August 5th as planned with online schooling. 

    Q:  Will this online schooling be the same as last year’s spring quarter?
    A:  No, this would be new learning for a new grade for all students.  Grades will be given and attendance will be taken. Once schools are again allowed to open for face-to-face learning, students would have the choice to transition back to physical school or remain in online school.

    Q:  When will the details be announced for the Aug. 5th reopening online?
    A:  We are in discussions now and will have details  within the next two weeks. 

    Q:  Will preschool students have to wear face coverings?
    A:  Preschool students are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings for in-person school but it is not mandated at this time.

    Q:  Why haven’t we received CCUSD’s plan for reopening?
    A: CCUSD has three committees actively working on the 2020-2021 school year:  Return to School Team (academic program), Logistics for Reopening School Committee (operational concerns) and the Social-emotional Well-being Committee (for student and staff support).  After gathering and reviewing parent and staff input from surveys, we will continue to update you as decisions are made.

    Q:  What school options will be available?
    A:  At this time, we are planning an “at school” option with significant safety supports and an online option.

    Q:  Will there be temperature checks at school?
    A:    A parent/guardian will check their child’s temperature prior to leaving for school and keep the child at home if the temperature is at or above 100.4 degrees. The Health Office will check temperatures if symptoms are displayed.  

    Q:  What safety measures will be in place on the school bus?
    A:   Drivers, monitors and riders will be required to wear a face covering; students will sit in assigned seats, with household members if possible; whenever possible, students will be physically distanced; a waiver must be signed in order for students to ride the bus; and seats immediately behind the driver and around the bus aide will remain empty.

    Q:  Will students have to wear face coverings?
    A:  All K-12 students and staff will wear face coverings to protect themselves and others.

    Q: Who are essential visitors on campus?
    A: Any CCUSD employee or contractors on campus for business purposes, including ECS instructors. 

    Q:  What will breakfast and lunch look like?
    A:  Physical distancing will be encouraged at breakfast and lunch;  lunches will be served on disposable food service items (trays, plates, etc.);  hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance to the cafeteria and at the cashier station; students will wash their hands before and after lunch; and cafeterias will have increased cleaning between lunches.

    Q:  How will the schools be cleaned?
    A: The District has ordered sanitizer for classrooms and common areas, cleaning supplies for classrooms and  disinfectant sprayers to sanitize classrooms and buses to be ready to start the school year.  Our cleaning contractor, building custodial staff, building staff and students will all have a part in keeping our school spaces as clean as possible. 

    Q:  Will there be secondary sports?
    A:  All secondary sports are suspended for two weeks. The AIA has suspended fall sports until after August 17th to comply with the June 29th Governor’s Executive Order.