Spanish Humanities Class

  • Spanish Humanities is a class taught exclusively in Spanish as an elective for 6th graders (only at DSA). Unlike the regular World Spanish class that meets twice a week for 20-30 minutes, the Spanish Humanities class meets daily for 40 mintues for students that choose this instead of attending their regular specials (p.e., music, etc), Spanish Humanities uses an interactive approach to develop everyday use of the language through storytelling, music, movement and critical thinking. With the extra time given to this class, Sra. María takes students through a journey of famous Spanish-speaking artists, authors and cultural events that culminate in Learning Excursions that connect classroom learning with the real world.

    DSA students that complete the Spanish Humanities course will arrive at STMS 7th grade Spanish with a well-rounded foundation in Spanish language and culture.

    Here's one of the annual Learning Excursions to Ranch Market