Carefree Cares Excellence Awards

  • Twice per school year the Town of Carefree and CCUSD® recognize one outstanding CCUSD staff member from each school or department based on exemplary service to our schools and community. This person will be recognized at the Carefree Town Council meeting, presented a special "Carefree Cares" pin and a brief narrative will be read for the honoree. CCUSD will also recognize the winners at a corresponding quarterly Governing Board meeting honoring their contributions to CCUSD and our community. Selections come from each site/department submitted by the Principals and Directors.  

    The recognition will be posted on social media and on District communications.

    As always, family and staff members are welcome to attend the meetings and show support for their colleagues, district, and community.

    •                       Congratulations to our 2022-2023                      Carefree Cares Excellence Award Recipients

      2nd Sem CC

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    2022-2023 Sem 1 CC

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                     Congratulations to our 2021-2022                         Carefree Cares Excellence Award Recipients


    Semester Two


    Pictured Front Row (left to right): Allison Zilka (CSHS), Elaine Young (HTES), Jill McLyn (STMS), Carrie Barrett (LMES), Rita Antoni (DSA).  Pictured Back Row (left to right): Dr. Cort Monroe (CCUSD Superintendent), Vince D'Aliesio (Carefree Town Councilmember), Michelle Adair (BMES), Les Peterson (Carefree Mayor). Not pictured: Jennifer Dennison (DWES),  

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  • Semester One


    Pictured Front Row (left to right): Haley Arnold (STMS), Danielle Michalizysen (DSA), Lisa Tibbits (DWES), Lindy Murillo (LMES), Allison Zilka (CSHS).  Not pictured: Ayako Holtz (BMES), Randee Huffer (HTES).  Pictured Back Row (left to right): Vince D'Aliesio (Carefree Town Councilmember), Cheryl Kroyer (Carefree Town Councilmember), Les Peterson (Carefree Mayor), Dr. Cort Monroe (CCUSD Superintendent)

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