• Unit 2

    Overall Goal: to use numbers in real life context: counting, dates, time and age


    • Students can count to infinity.
    • Students can use numbers in real life context even as large to describe a population.
    • Students can express what time it is.
    • Students can express a date or the current date.
    • Students can express their age.
    • Students can express what they have.
    • Students can describe his or her physical traits and those of other people.


    • Counting
      • Counting to 30.
      • Counting by 10s and dividing 10s and 1s values with "y"
      • Counting by 100s
        • 100 vs. 101-199
        • 200s-900s
      • Counting in the thousands and millions
      • Exceptions to patterns with numbers
    • Expressions
      • Expressing a date
      • Exception to the first of every month
    • Expressing Time
      • Expressing the current hour
      • Expresing from the next hour
      • Vocabulary associated with time
    • Idioms with "tener"
      • Expressing age