Bell Questions

Daily Bell Questions

  • Thursday 12/5/19

    1. What is cytokinesis? Give several details, do not just give definition.

    Monday 12/2/19-Wednesday 12/4/19 NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Monday 11/25/19-Tuesday 11/26/19 No Bell Questions     No school Wednesday-Friday

    Friday 11/25/19 - No Bell Questions

    Thursday 11/21/19

    1. Alice wrote down four ideas about earthworm behavior that she wanted to test. Which idea can be tested experimentally?
      • Earchworms like the taste of dirt better than sand.
      • Earthworms are happier in black dirt than red dirt.
      • Earthworms exist to decompose decaying materials.
      • Earthworms will move away from direct light sources.

    Wednesday 11/20/19 -

    1. Which question would be the best high level scientific question?
      • How many giraffes live in Africa?
      • Does the amount of salt in water affect the temperature at which it boils?
      • How lon ago did dinosaurs live on the Earth?
      • Who made the first microscope?
    2. Which unit of measure is NOT used in the International System of Units?
      • grams
      • inches
      • centimeters
      • milliliters

    Monday 11/18/19 - Tuesday 11/19/19 NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Friday 11/15/19

    1. A scientific procedure undertaken to make a diswcovery, test a hypothesis, or demonstrate a known fact is a/an 
            - law    - experiment    - theory    - hypothesis
    2. A conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning is a/an
            - conclusion    - hypothesis    - inference    - theory

    Thursday 11/14/19   NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Wednesday 11/13/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Tuesday 11/12/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Friday 11/8/19  NO BELL QUESTION

    Thursday 11/7/19

    1. What is the importance of courtship behavior and give one example? Be specific.
    2. What is a niche?

    Wednesday 11/6/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Tuesday 11/5/19

    1. Two mule deer lock antlers as they demonstrate strength and worthiness to a female mule deer. What type of relationship is this?
    2. Convert 352.65 km to meters.

    Monday 11/4/19

    1. What is symbiosis?
    2. Give an example of commensalism.

     Friday 11/1/19

    1. Name 2 different types of socail behaviors animals exhitit in their environment.
    2. What is bioluminescence?

    Thursday 10/31/19  NO BELL QUESTION

    Wednesday 10/30/19

    1. What is symbiosis?
    2. Give an example of commensalism.

    Tuesday 10/29/19

    1. What relationship does the graph show between the two variables when the line is sloping downward
      - Positive Relationship    - Negative Relationship  - No Relationship  - Both positive & negative relationship
    2. Scientists say that the sun appears to move in the sky because the Earth rotates on its axis. What is this statement an example of?
      - a bias  - a prediction  - a hypothesis  - an inference

    Monday 10/28/19

    1. Convert 352.29 kg to g
    2. What are the two types of data that can be collected during an experiment?

    Friday 10/25/19

    1. A scientist conducted an experiment to determine how the amount of salt in a body of water affects the number of plants that can live in the water. In this experiment the independent variable is
      1. the water
      2. the # of plants in water
      3. temp of water
      4. amount of salt in water
    2. In science, an educated guess is called a what?

    Monday 10/21/19 - Thursday 10/24/19 NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Thursday 10/17/19-Friday 9/18/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Wednesday 10/16/19

    1. When a scientist shares her findings with other scientists, she is 
      1. analyzing data
      2. experimenting
      3. communicating results
      4. making a hypothesis
    2. What unit of measurement should you use when measuring the mass of a fly?

    Tuesday, 10/15/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Monday, 10/14/19  

    1. what is a skill is a scientist using when she listends to the sounds that whales make?
    2. In an experiment, the one factor that is changed is called what?

    Wednesday, 10/9/19 - Friday, 10/11/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Tuesday, 10/8/19

    1. What are the components that make a good gypothesis?
    2. A student wanted to observe how changing the temperature of the aquarium water would affect the breathing rate of his goldfish.
      1. What is the independent variable?
      2. What is the dependent variable?

    Monday, 10/7/19  

    1. What is an inference?
    2. What is the difference between an inference and a hypothesis?

    Thursday, 9/26/19  -  Friday, 10/4/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Wednesday, 9/25/19

    1. Line graphs are useful for showing what type of information?
    2. A bar graph is useful for showing what information?

    Tuesday, 9/24/19

    1. In a graph, which axis is the independent variable placed on?
    2. What must be in the title of your graph?

    Monday, 9/23/19

    1. What is the metric unit of measurement for Length _____, Mass _____, Liquid Volume, _____, and Solid Volume _____?
    2. What is a controlled experiment?

    Friday, No Bell Questions

    Thursday, 9/19/19

    1. What is the difference between the control group and the experimental group?
    2. What is the purpose of the control group?

    Wednesday, 9/18/19

    1. What 3 components must be in every hypothesis you write?
    2. A proper experiment changes how many factors?

    Tuesday, 9/17/19   No Bell Questions

    Monday, 9/16/19

    1. What is qualitative data and give an example of an experiment that uses qualitative data.
    2. Every experiment should consist of two groups. Name these two groups.

    Friday, 9/13/19

    1. What is a dependent Variable?
    2. What is s controlled variable?

    Thursday, 9/12/19

    Wednesday, 9/11/19

    1. What is a Testable Question?
    2. What are constants (controlled variables) in an experiment?

    Tuesday, 9/10/19

    1. Why is the quality of measuring devices important to science research?
    2. What does the scientific method provide to scientists all over the world?

    Monday, 9/9/19  No Bell Questions

    Friday, 9/6/19   No Bell Questions

    Thursday, 9/5/19   No Bell Questions

    Wednesday, 9/4/19

    1. A sprinter ran a 1 hm race. How far did he run in meters?
    2. Convert 1.34 kg to dg.

    Tuesday, 9/3/19

    1. What is the best unit of measurement for measuring the distance from Phoenix to Flagstaff?
    2. What is the unit of measurement that I would use when measuring the volume of a rock?