Bell Questions

Daily Bell Questions

  • Wednesday 10/16/19

    1. When a scientist shares her findings with other scientists, she is 
      1. analyzing data
      2. experimenting
      3. communicating results
      4. making a hypothesis
    2. What unit of measurement should you use when measuring the mass of a fly?

    Tuesday, 10/15/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Monday, 10/14/19  

    1. what is a skill is a scientist using when she listends to the sounds that whales make?
    2. In an experiment, the one factor that is changed is called what?

    Wednesday, 10/9/19 - Friday, 10/11/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Tuesday, 10/8/19

    1. What are the components that make a good gypothesis?
    2. A student wanted to observe how changing the temperature of the aquarium water would affect the breathing rate of his goldfish.
      1. What is the independent variable?
      2. What is the dependent variable?

    Monday, 10/7/19  

    1. What is an inference?
    2. What is the difference between an inference and a hypothesis?

    Thursday, 9/26/19  -  Friday, 10/4/19  NO BELL QUESTIONS

    Wednesday, 9/25/19

    1. Line graphs are useful for showing what type of information?
    2. A bar graph is useful for showing what information?

    Tuesday, 9/24/19

    1. In a graph, which axis is the independent variable placed on?
    2. What must be in the title of your graph?

    Monday, 9/23/19

    1. What is the metric unit of measurement for Length _____, Mass _____, Liquid Volume, _____, and Solid Volume _____?
    2. What is a controlled experiment?

    Friday, No Bell Questions

    Thursday, 9/19/19

    1. What is the difference between the control group and the experimental group?
    2. What is the purpose of the control group?

    Wednesday, 9/18/19

    1. What 3 components must be in every hypothesis you write?
    2. A proper experiment changes how many factors?

    Tuesday, 9/17/19   No Bell Questions

    Monday, 9/16/19

    1. What is qualitative data and give an example of an experiment that uses qualitative data.
    2. Every experiment should consist of two groups. Name these two groups.

    Friday, 9/13/19

    1. What is a dependent Variable?
    2. What is s controlled variable?

    Thursday, 9/12/19

    Wednesday, 9/11/19

    1. What is a Testable Question?
    2. What are constants (controlled variables) in an experiment?

    Tuesday, 9/10/19

    1. Why is the quality of measuring devices important to science research?
    2. What does the scientific method provide to scientists all over the world?

    Monday, 9/9/19  No Bell Questions

    Friday, 9/6/19   No Bell Questions

    Thursday, 9/5/19   No Bell Questions

    Wednesday, 9/4/19

    1. A sprinter ran a 1 hm race. How far did he run in meters?
    2. Convert 1.34 kg to dg.

    Tuesday, 9/3/19

    1. What is the best unit of measurement for measuring the distance from Phoenix to Flagstaff?
    2. What is the unit of measurement that I would use when measuring the volume of a rock?