• Knowledge

    Posted by Jonathan Bernreuter on 4/1/2020

    Knowledge starts with you

    You are not an empty vessel to be filled. You are filled already. You just need to refine your thoughts, through practice.

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  • Why Boredom is Good For You

    Posted by Jonathan Bernreuter on 1/7/2020 10:00:00 PM

    Are you afraid to be bored? Do we do a disservice to ourselves by avoiding boredom? When kids would say they were bored, I would often reply that it was brave of them to admit such a thing. I certainly would never admit boredom publically, even if it ever was something I felt. There are always things to contemplate. Embrace the absence of external stimuli.

    Traverse City Airport   

    The sign above was in the Traverse City, Michigan Airport.

    Click on the video below to check out a different take on the boredom debate.


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  • Fewer Physics Classes in Arizona

    Posted by Jonathan Bernreuter on 10/8/2019

    Almost 20% of Arizona's ~180 public comprehensive high schools no longer have a physics teacher, including several large high schools in Greater Phoenix. Schools dropped physics after the economic recession of 2008, and the elimination accelerated in the past three years.  Less than 20% of Arizona students take high school physics; this is HALF the nationwide average.

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  • On the concept of 'why'

    Posted by Jonathan Bernreuter on 8/6/2019

    Watch the discussion by Richard Feynman

    Click here to watch

    After watching, reflect on why you think I want students to watch this.

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