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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Teaching Chinese As a second language Arizona Chinese Subject Expert Teaching Certificate(6-12)

Mrs. Liffick Laoshi

Hi , my name is Wei Liffick. I am a native Mandarin Chinese speaker from a small town called TAIZHOU two-hour drive away from Shanghai. I moved to Arizona in 2017 after graduation from Tianjin Foreign Studies University.I enjoy sunshine and love going outside in the nature. I spent most of my spare time fishing in the creeks and lakes. This will be my second year in HTES. I am so excited and I look forward to a wonderful year with you all! 
I choose teaching as a career because as I grew up, I had great teachers who had huge influence on me. English is my second language so I always see myself as an ELA student. I love learning and I believe learning is lifelong. You can always learn something new everyday. 

 Welcome to 4th Grade Chinese classroom video


我之所以选择教师这个职业,是因为在我的童年时光,我有许多对我意义深刻的老师。 对我来说,英语始终是一个不断学习进步的语言,我相信活到老,学到老。 生活总是在不经意间教会你新东西!小学阶段是重要的人生基础阶段,所以更加重要和有意义。