Joan R. Lincoln Fine Arts Gallery

  • Joan R. Lincoln
    "Go Play in the Mud"

    Joan Lincoln was a ceramic artist, collector, writer, politician, and philanthropist. She believed that through art, people could form common bonds and better understand the world around them. As a ceramicist, she would oftensay, "Go play in the mud," urging others to explore their craft wherever that might be, perhaps on a potter's wheel, a canvas, or a stage.

    Joan also knew that most artists need a physical location to apply their skills. Through her work, she looked for, and funded, the creation of ceramic studios and gallery spaces at several thriving art institutions. The Cactus Shadows Fine Arts Center was such a place. Over the years the Center has grown into a place where the community gathers, views, enjoys, discusses, and praise the vision of artists young and old.

    Joan’s daughter, daughter-in-law, son, grandchildren, fellow artist, and many assorted friends have worked on many shows at the Fine Arts Center dating back to the first production over 25 years ago. Joan was even known to lend a hand with costumes and mask making, always encouraging the creative pursuit.
    When Joan's grandchildren asked her for help with the renovation of the Fine Arts Center, Joan and husband David were happy to contribute to such an exciting space for art. Joan's love for the visual arts meant the lobby gallery was the perfect place to use the gift.

    Through Joan's dedication to art, artist, and where they create, the Cactus Shadows Fine Arts Center will continue to be a special place in the community.

    Located in the lobby of Cactus Shadows Fine Arts Center, the gallery is open during events.

    *Reprinted with premission from the Fall/Winter ArtzBeat Magazine 2016