• Please note for the 2020 - 2021 school year CSHS will implement CANVAS as the main learning tool as we navigate through the pandemic.  However, until CANVAS is learned by all of us teachers, I will be using Google Classroom.  For you returning students to my classes, Stream is where I "taught" the concepts or introduced you to readings, etc. and Classwork is where you did the activities.  For everyone, this is the procedure I will follow until Canvas is implemented. I also have the wonderful ability to use ZOOM to hear you and to interact with you on a daily basis.  :) Thank you for your patience.  This is a journey for all of us!  

     Yes, times are strange, but we must carry on.  What’s the plan?  To learn Spanish, have fun, and make some memories.    And we’ll hope we can eventually get back to our actual classrooms.  But in the meantime, here are the answers to some questions.


    • Enter canvas using your username and password.  There will be instruction via zoom every day for each hour. 
    • Be prepared - work from the previous day is due at the beginning of the class.
    • Be on time - be in the zoom waiting room waiting admittance by Sra.
    • Be at a table or a desk - not in a bed, recliner, or couch - I need you ENGAGED with us.
      • Follow dress code - NO pajamas!
    • NO CELL PHONES - unless otherwise indicated
    • Let's all speak Spanish - It's a safe place to speak Spanish.  We will ALL make mistakes -- that's how we learn! 


    • Parents and students will continue to receive messages and reminders on Remind.com and will be able to respond and ask questions. To sign up for remind find the info on my website.
    • Email also works kellefsen@ccusd93.net


    • Students with an IEP or 504 plan -- those accommodations are still be in place. Those of you with those types of plans, if you’re concerned about how we’ll proceed, let me know.  I’ll accommodate the needs you have and work with you to ensure your ability to participate in class and to help you learn the content.
    • The start of this school year is different than how we ended 2019-2020, where the grades were 'relatively easy' to earn.   So if you find yourself with a low grade, contact me.  Sra Ellefsen will be grading assignments and holding students to academic integrity.
      • No ONLINE or HUMAN TRANSLATOR.  Students who choose to use online translators will earn a 0 grade.

    Class Times for the Virtual Classroom:
    1st hour - 7:20-8:10     in the Infinite campus letter I have the zoom code there
    2nd hour - 8:20-9:10
    3rd hour - 9:20-10:10
    4th hour - Prep
    LUNCH    11:10-12:10
    5th hour - 12:10 - 1:00
    6th hour - 1:10:-2:05
    Virtual Class Office Hours: Tues - Thurs 2:10-3 PM, Friday by appt.


Google Apps for Education

  • Cactus Shadows, the high school for Cave Creek Unified School District, does use Google Classroom.