Homework Policy

    • Assigned Dates: Homework is generally assigned on Monday.
    • Homework Due Dates: Homework is generally due on Thursday.
    • Homework Corrections: Homework Corrections are due the following Monday.
      • Students should download the Answer Key from my webpage on Thursdays.
      • Students will compare each of their answers to my answer.
      • If a student has something different than the answer key, they should circle the specific difference.
      • On a separate piece of paper, students should rewrite the correct answer to that question in ink.
      • Students should staple the corrections to the original assignment and submit it on the following Monday.
    • Late Homework: Students can submit late homework until the end of each quarter. If an assignment is late, it is worth half of its value.
    • Culture Homework: Culture homework is rare (about once a month). Students may write these reflective assignments in the English language.


Homework Assignments