The Shadow

The Shadow Yearbook
Take advantage of lower prices and order your yearbook today! The price goes up on September 18, and again on November 21.
The last day to purchase a yearbook is January 15. On that day, we must send our final order to the printing company. We will only order a few extras, so don't miss out and order yours now!

Seniors, remember that you must be photographed by Cilento Photography by November 5th to be included in the yearbook. Call and schedule your appointments today at 480-947-4467. For more information, click the Senior Portrait link above for the graduation portrait flyer from Cilento Photography. 

The Shadow 

Advisors: Mr. John Thompson & Mrs. Lori Hart

E-mail:  jthompson@ccusd93.org lhart@ccusd93.org 

Meetings: 2nd Period

Room # 609

Time: Daily

Description: Primary activity of the Yearbook Club is publishing the Cactus Shadows Yearbook (The Shadow). Activities include digital photography, layout design, budgeting and staff management.

*This club is by application (Sophomores through Seniors only)