Superintendent's Monthly Vodcasts



March Vodcast 2017 Script

I am Debbi Burdick, the very proud superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District. Although our students would most likely tell you the most important thing about March is that the last week is Spring Break, it is actually a very important month for Teacher-Parent Communication.  March 23 and 24th are early release-half days for Parent-Teacher Conferences.  Parents have many means of receiving student progress and information in the 21st Century and our teachers use a variety of methods:  the Remind101 App, the Parent Portal on Infinite Campus (our student information system) and individual teacher websites.

In CCUSD, we encourage parents to communicate with our teachers whenever they feel it is necessary, via phone before and after school hours, by email and face-to-face conversations. If a parent has a concern or issue that is affecting their student, in my opinion, having a conversation on the phone or in person is always the best option.  Email is easy and quick for questions and for getting information on a class or subject, but more complicated matters are not always served best by the nuances of email.

Parents may request a conference at any time during the school year outside of classroom hours; however, to facilitate conversations at the end of the third quarter grading period, Parent-Teacher Conferences provide time for those face-to-face discussions to make the final quarter of school productive, especially for a struggling student.  If you do not hear from your child's teacher but feel a conversation is needed or would be helpful, please contact that teacher to request a conference if you have not heard from them first.  Information that a parent can provide giving a teacher insight into their child's learning style or even any stresses outside of school, can be very useful information as the teacher works to academically assist that student.

Great questions to ask at conference time are:  Is my child academically ready to move onto the work at the next grade level?  If not, how can I assist at home?  Or, whatever assistance might be available to help my child?  Is my child at grade level in their subjects?  How have they done on their benchmark assessments in reading and math?  What is my child's strongest subject?  Weakest subject?  Does my child have friends in class?  On the playground?  Does my child participate in class?

Let our teachers be your partner in the education of your child!  Happy Spring and as always, I look forward to seeing you in our schools!