Superintendent's Monthly Letters



Dr. Debbi C. Burdick 
January, 2017

Dear Parents, Community and CCUSD Staff,

Last month, CCUSD held its first Mission to Inspire Summit.  The Summit was an invitation to our community faith-leaders to come share a meal with our principals and some of their staff members; discuss information about their school, including programming, successes, any challenges and needs; and, consider ways that their congregation and our schools could partner toward a common goal.

Fourteen faith communities were represented that evening by 18 faith-leaders.  What a resounding success!  Our agenda was simple-to learn more about each other with the realization that our institutions, whether schools or churches, worked toward many of the same goals already-healthy, safe families in a supportive community, serving as a resource when challenges arise and collectively working toward common service goals.

Our principals proudly informed about their schools and the faith-leaders asked pertinent questions or listened intently.  Our principals had one request at the end of the evening-they handed out their staff roster and asked that the congregations write personal notes to a staff member, thanking them for what they do for our students.  Many of the faith-leaders wanted to do more than that-additional projects for collaboration and assistance were offered:  scholarships for college for our seniors, food or gifts during the holidays for families with financial hardships, as well as supplies for students with needs year round; manpower for projects around the schools; and, tutoring for students with academic challenges.  These are just a start and we look forward to continuing to work with our faith-leaders actively in the future.  What an amazing community we live in!

To learn more about the Mission to Inspire Summit, please call me at 480-575-2016.

Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you in our schools.


Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.