French Immersion at DSA

-give your child the gift of languages-

DSA is currently enrolling students for a Kinder, 1st and 2nd grade French Immersion Program with World Spanish offered as a third language.

Enrollment is currently on a first come, first serve basis so call the front office now to reserve a seat for your child 480-575-2900.

Catch a glimpse of our

French Immersion Program below!

Background: Cave Creek School District is a leader in World Language and Immersion Program Development. Our award-winning PK-12 grade World Language Program encompass all seven schools in the district. With a successful Spanish and Chinese Immersion program in place, we are proud to continue the same 50% English/50% target language model at DSA with French Immersion. This will be the first French Immersion program in AZ offered in a public school setting!

If you can't make our presentations at school, watch an abbreviated version in these two Movenote presentations:

1. Principal Dr. Micah Korb addresses:  LINK

Why French? and Installation Plan

2. Program Coordinator Cristina Ladas addresses:  LINK   

What is a language immersion program? 
Will my child actually learn French? To what level? 
How will this program affect my child academically?

An inpirational video supporting early language learning...

Interested in Learning More about French Dual Language Immersion Programs in the U.S.?

Download this 2015 publication from the French Embassy


Interested in connecting with the

French Community here in Phoenix

Check out L'Alliance Francaise for classes, events and more at 


Cristina Ladas, CCUSD World Language Coordinator 480-518-4289