February, 2013

Danielle Evans, Director of Research, Planning and Assessment, District Office
Christopher Brown, Technology Instructor, Sonoran Trails Middle School
Doreen Hornewer, Paraprofessional, Sonoran Trails Middle School
Eric DeVore, Teacher, Sonoran Trails Middle School
Dominique Flamm, Teacher, Sonoran Trails Middle School
Sarah Carter, Paraprofessional, Lone Mountain Elementary School
Marina Williams, Resource/Paraprofessional, Black Mountain Elementary School
Steven Gurule, Teacher / E 2020, Cactus Shadows High School

Danielle Evans
Director of Research, Planning and Assessment
District Office

Danielle is always ready to help anyone who needs it.  When presented with a project, she always finds a way to complete it, even when other people say it is not possible.  She researches the problem and finds other angles to solve it.  She has spearheaded changes to our Benchmarking system and she conducts great professional development for our teachers and administrators on how to best use data.  Because of her knowledge and openness to help, others have become better in their jobs.  The whole district benefits from her expertise in data.  She goes to many site data meetings and makes sure she is accessible to all teachers.  She listens and takes feedback and makes positive changes for teachers.  Her work is always timely, and above the level of quality one might expect for the task.

The words best used to describe her are intelligent, helpful and reliable.

Christopher Brown
Technology Instructor
Sonoran Trails Middle School

Chris is always willing to help with whatever technological needs we have at STMS.  He has run the talent show sound system.  He has his class create yearbook advertisements that are a BLAST for the kids to make as well as for the campus to see.  He is willing to help with any and all creative technology applications and is an active member of the Tech Cadre.  He is a true team player and always pleasantly willing to help at any time with any technology glitch that may occur.  He has frequently given up planning and/or lunch in order to help out other teachers or students with techie problems.  He stays late if necessary and works to make his program more than just a “Technology typing class”.  He is involved in helping students see their potential and creative flair within the realms of technology.  He is a master of the iPad and websites that help students and teachers alike.  If we need a tech answer, he is our go-to guy.

The words best used to describe him are willing, helpful and creatively hardworking.

Doreen Hornewer
Sonoran Trails Middle School

Doreen is a huge asset to our program.  Her willingness to help all students in both the special education classroom and the general education classroom is to be commended.  Not only does she have the patience, dedication, and knowledge needed to meet the needs of the students, she is a compassionate being who looks at each student as an individual.  She is willing to be flexible when additional support within the program is needed.  She creates relationships with her students and cares about them and their success.  Her service to your students is exemplary.

The words best used to describe her are dedicated, caring and organized.

Eric DeVore
Sonoran Trails Middle School

As a first year teacher, he has adapted to his position with ease and confidence.  His dedication to the profession is evident to both staff and students.  He takes the time and considerable effort to truly know his students.  We all learn who our kids are, their interests, and learning styles.  He takes this to the next level.  He knows how his students are doing in other classes, he knows about their home lives, their strengths and weaknesses.  He truly knows his students and they appreciate his interest.

The words best used to describe him are compassionate, motivated, and enthusiastic.

Dominique Flamm
Sonoran Trails Middle School

Dominique is a role model and she works diligently during and after hours.  She does not fit one model of teaching because she approaches all styles of learning and continues to learn new styles when many teachers after so many years fall into one style of teaching.  She has been a mentor to a new world Language Teacher and has always taken the time to listen.  Her insight and compassion are always available.  She works long hours planning and with students.  She gives students a valuable life skill that pertains to French and education in general.  She is always willing to help and always has a positive attitude.  No one walks away from her without a smile and an improved outlook on life.

The words best used to describe her are enthusiastic, caring and effective.

Sarah Carter
Lone Mountain Elementary School

Sarah always strives to learn as much as she can about each individual child so that she can deal effectively with each one.  She displays a high level of skill and professionalism at all times, Relationships that she has made continue even when the student is no longer in her classroom.  She is always offering positive, creative suggestions when needed and offering the extra love and security they need.

The words best used to describe her are knowledgeable, professional and effective.

Marina Williams
Black Mountain Elementary School

Marina consistently steps up to go the extra mile for kids.  During recent transitions of teachers going out on medical leave and others being hired to join the team, she has consistently been the glue that holds things together for students.  She is available to make new team members feel supported and ensure that kids’ needs are shared.  She quietly and confidently helps the general education teachers, new special education teachers and students to feel confident and supported during change.  She can always be counted on to keep things moving.  She is organized and skillful with kids and staff.  Without her, the transition of staff would not have gone as smoothly as it has.  We owe her a debt of gratitude for her dedication.

The words best used to describe her are dedicated, dependable and skillful.

Steven Gurule
Teacher / E 2020
Cactus Shadows High School

Steve is always at work and always has the students’ best interest at heart.  He is a dedicated teacher.  He is consistently looking at the students’ progress and giving them so much encouragement to succeed.  He takes so much pride in what he does. He truly cares about the students and wants them to graduate.  He has done an outstanding job developing the e learning program.

The words best used to describe him are inspirational, caring and dedicated.