Superintendent's Monthly Letter




June 2013

Dear CCUSD Staff, Parents and Community,

On Thursday, May 23rd, the Cactus Shadows Class of 2013 culminated their public school careers with an inspiring graduation ceremony filled with pomp and circumstance, student musical performances and insightful stories from student leaders.  I was honored for the opportunity to address the graduating class along with Principal Steve Bebee.  My speech included statistics specific to the accomplished Falcons who walked across the stage that night.  Having been asked to share the data I gathered, I am including it in this month's webletter:

To personalize our 2013 graduating Falcons, here is the Class of 2013, By the Numbers:

  • The Falcon Class of 2013 has 390graduates with nineteen of them from our CS eLearning Program.
  • 95 of those graduates have been with us from kindergarten.
  • We have 198 female grads and 192 males.  
  • Zero had perfect attendance during high school and we can probably blame that on the H1N1 flu in 2009.
  • They have actually had 2730 days absent as a group-averaging 7 days absent per student over the four years.
  • They are a very well-behaved group with 481 discipline referrals averaging only 1.2 per student.
  • 10 seniors participated in the Superintendent's Challenge and accrued 773 hours of community service between them.
  • Their average AIMS scores were 91% for reading; 83% for writing and 76% for math. 
  • And, 319 students in this class-79%--passed AIMS the first time as sophomores.
  • 3 National Merit Scholars were in this class
  • 355 are going onto college and 13 to the military to serve our country.
  • They have been awarded $8,797,783 in scholarships to date.
  • 16 of our student athletes have signed letters of intent. 
  • And on average, they spent $1100 on Prom!

The Falcon Class of 2013 represents the very best of CCUSD.  We wish them the best of luck and the warmest congratulations.


Debbi Burdick, Ed.D.