Vodcasts from 2012 - 2013 


Summer Vodcast

Dr. Debbi Burdick
Superintendent of CCUSD

Dr. Burdick discusses the Strategic Plan and updates us on the progress so far in each of the goals.

Link to the Strategic Plan Document


Vodcast Script:

Hello, I am Debbi Burdick, proud superintendent of the Cave Creek Unified School District.

In 2012, our staff, community and Governing Board began work on a new Strategic Plan to take us through 2015.  Those familiar with Strategic Plans may be tempted to click out of this vodcast right now but please hold on!  The CCUSD Strategic Plan is a succinct, living document, all about taking our students, staff and district to the next level in the 21st century.  Focused on our students, it has four goals that should support our Student Learning Outcomes for All Graduates.  We want our students to be Collaborators, Thinkers, Community Citizens, Ethical Decision makers, learn Practical Life Skills, be Technologically Proficient and effective Communicators.

This year, in Goal I, which focuses on the above student outcomes, we saw 7 schools connect with overseas sister schools in 5 countries.  Our teachers are learning not only how to facilitate learning in more student-centered ways, but also how to use Web 2.0 tools in their teaching for themselves and their students. 

In Goal II, where the expectation is to create a 21st Century Learning Community focused on student achievement and success, we saw LMES become an A+ School of Excellence and HTES add their third A+ Program for the TRRFCC Horsemanship program.  Our teachers were trained on 21st Century devices and our communications centered on 21st Century tools with over 7 million hits on the District Website.

Goal III focused on the very best in research-based instructional strategies and assessments to continue the tradition of excellence in teaching that is synonymous with CCUSD.  As with goals I and II, Goal III also involves teaching our teachers to teach to the top, expect great things from students and know how to support what students need in order to learn to their maximum potential.  Data drives our decision-making and teachers learn where to access this data and how to use it to focus their instruction.

Finally, Goal IV puts the responsibility on our district to have the proper tools in place for optimal learning through improvements in facilities and technology infrastructure.  This year has brought safety sharply into focus with the tragic events at Sandy Hook Elementary last December and we have worked hard to make sure simple but effective safety measures were in place, along with safety audits by Homeland Security at each school.  Technology upgrades included WiFi and upgrades at each site, including an increase in devices across the district and inclusion of Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) in most classrooms.

We are proud of our staff with their laser focus on our Strategic Plan with the knowledge that as we work collectively on the same goals and initiatives, all of our students will benefit.

Thank you for listening and I look forward to seeing you in our schools!

Dr. Burdick discusses the Strategic Plan and updates us on the progress so far in each of the goals.
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