A Glimpse at Sra. María's World Spanish Class...

K-6 World Spanish is taught exclusively in Spanish and uses an interactive approach to develop everyday use of the language through music, movement and critical thinking. 

Sra. Maria's 6th grade Humanities class visited the Spanish Supermarket.

Come sing, dance, use technology and learn Spanish in a 21st century way! 

Welcome to "Día de la Tortilla"

A special treat for students that always bring their Spanish homework on time


How many places can you use your Spanish around the world?

Take a virtual tour to find out...


Watch Sra. María as she uses the innovative method of

TPR-S to help her students aquire Spanish!

                              Goals of a Language Experience Model                    

Language Culture


Develop basic oral proficiency with a focus on real life speaking and listening

Develop an appreciation for cultures different from our own

Feel confident about learning a new World Language

Kinder-Grade 2 students receive 2 20-minute classes a week.

Grades 3-6 receive 2 30-minute classes a week.