Research says: Don't delay language learning! Children are naturally wired to acquire languages! Learning another language opens up new neuronal networks in the brain! In CCUSD, students begin that journey in kindergarten and can continue through high school with study in a 2nd and even a 3rd language. CCUSD offers several programming options in languages, including Spanish Immersion K-12, Exploratory Spanish or Chinese K-6, and Daily Core Spanish, French and Chinese 7-12 (including AP/IB) and out newest addition--Chinese Immersion K-1.

Please contact me, Cristina Ladas, World Language Coordinator for CCUSD programs at 480-518-4289 with ANY questions! 


Watch Know99's News Story for the Desert Willow Spanish Immersion Program

Thanks to Know99 for a great story. Know99 is the youth & education COX cable channel for Phoenix, supporting learners of all ages.

Former DWES Spanish Immersion Students Address the AZ Senate

Our own two students that started the immersion program at DWES in first grade had the opportunity to speak to the Education Committee of the Senate about their experience. Currently in 10th grade at our feeder Cactus Shadows HS, they shared that learning another language has not only made them fluent in Spanish, it has made them global citizens... more aware of things beyond our borders. Their career goals show that with Dominique wanting to work for the United Nations and Treyece interested in using his bilingual skills in the field of medicine. Neither has parents or anyone at home that speak Spanish. Needless to say, we are just so PROUD of our kiddos as they are helping change language education in AZ and will change the world!


 We are so grateful for our Guest Teachers from China and Spain!    

Here's a peek into their classrooms 2014-15 school year.


Our guest and new language teachers bring 21st century skills to our students... in another language! 


Links to each of CCUSD school's World Language page

Black Mountain Elementary School
World Spanish

Desert Sun Academy
World Spanish

Desert Willow Elementary School
Spanish Immersion/World Spanish

Horseshoe Trails Elementary School
Mandarin Chinese

Lone Mountain Elementary School
Mandarin Chinese

Sonoran Trails Middle School
Spanish Immersion, Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese

Cactus Shadows High School
Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese

Want to know which languages are most used in the business world? Check out Bloomburg Rankings

CCUSD World Language and Immersion Videos
The State of K-8 WL Programs                                         I CAN Statements K-6
The Spanish Immersion Program (intro)                             Immersion: The PK-8th Grade Path to Proficiency

The "State of Spanish Immersion Address" Screencast

For anyone interested in learning about how students in the Pk-8 grade Spanish Immersion program are evaluated. This 5 minute sscreencase covers the content highlights of the April 10, 2013 parent informational meeting at DWES.

K-6 World Language Screencast

For students, teachers and parents

Watch a 3.5 minute webinar (below) introducing the national proficiency levels used to measure second language learning while sharing the CCUSD "CAN DO" approach.

For more details on the CCUSD World Lanuage and Spanish Immersion K-12 Pathways, download the following attachments. With our K-12 articulated programs, students can start earning high school credit in middle school and can easily reach AP/IB levels at Cactus Shadows or start learning a 3rd language before graduation.

You have to love INFOGRAPHICS!

21st Century Skills include a focus on communication.  Communication in a global society is dependent on students learning at a minimum a second language.  Children who develop a propensity for speaking a second language effectively wire their brains to learn and can adapt to many different languages. 

SchoolCenter Picture


How being bilingual can boost your brain power:  NPR Article

Why it's smart to be bilingual: Newsweek Article


   Two Must-See Videos

1) How can a world class education impact the future of the United States?

Click here to watch this powerful 1 minute video... 

2) Are We Prepared for the Jobs of the FUTURE (from a language perspective?) 

Click here for the 3 minute video...

Cave Creek Unified School District: 

 World Language Teachers and Language Specialists

Thanks to a supportive Governing Board, Cave Creek Unified School District's World Language Programs are articulated from K-12 grades. CCUSD is the first district in the state of Arizona that has recognized the importance of making World Language courses daily, core classes.  This forward-thinking, visionary decision puts CCUSD students in a position to be competitive with students across the world.

Presently, most countries across the globe require students to learn a second and even third language as they progress through the educational system.  Not only does this requirement support the brain research that proves a second language develops critical thinking skills, but also gives our students a competitive edge as they transition to high-school, college/the military/the workforce, and citizenship in a global society.

(below) 2013-14 Guest Educators from China and Spain being introduced and welcomed at a CCUSD School Board Meeting.

2012-13 World Language Teachers at a CCUSD School Board Meeting.

(below) 2012-13 Guest Educators from China being introduced and welcomed at a CCUSD School Board Meeting.

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