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May 14

Flipped Classroom Resources!
Have you been thinking about doing Flipped Classroom but trying to get through the end of the schoolyear? 

Image from:  http://edudemic.com/2013/04/web-tools-for-flipped-classrooms/

There are so many resources out there for the Flipped Classroom teaching and learning method!  In our district we have several teachers who have been very successful at it.  For today's Tech Tip, I would like to share some resources for you to fiddle with, maybe over the summer, or as you think about next fall.

Examples of our teachers in CCUSD who flip their classroom.

Video of what Flipping is click here.

Flipped Classroom FAQ's

Article about Flipping the Classroom with 10 of the best tools to use.

The "gravy" that you receive by flipping the classroom is more time in your classroom to facilitate learning about the variety of topics you are teaching. Here is a link that shares just some ideas about what you can do if you flip your lessons.  In other words, ways in which you an differentiate your instruction and learning environment to meet the needs of ALL your students.

Flipped Classroom Resources
Apps with Blooms!!
PD Opportunities

Narrated Art

The 5 Photo Story!

iPad as a Teacher's Pet Infographic , by Tony Vincent

PD Opportunities

Prize Patrol for DLD


How to share your DLD projects!

One more day!! Have you made your plans?

Invitation to participate in Digital Learning Day!

What are YOU gonna do for Digital Learning Day?

Prize Patrol!!

Sign up for Project Based Learning and AZ Teach 21 for the Spring!

Three Great Google Tools for Students:


11 Tech Tools to Teach the Common Core Standards

Opportunities for Teachers in CCUSD!


Remind 101:  A great way to safely message your students and parents homework assignments, and reminders.

Excellent for all grades!  Online books!

QR Codes for Schools