Friday, June 23, 2017
Ms. Kratzke's Classes Digital Storytelling Project Immigration

During the months of December and January, our Social Studies classes have been studying immigration.  From Europe to Ellis Island, we have learned about reasons why families immigrate, and what happens to families when those choices are made.  Additionally, within this unit we have researched our own family immigration stories.  Where did our ancestors come from? Why did they come here?  What does their immigration story have to do with us and how does it effect us?  Those were the questions we were trying to answer with our research. 

Below are the digital stories about our own immigration stories, and our personal links to the past. 

Listen to a podcast created about our project by the District Technology and Instruction Specialist and some of the students in our classes.

Block 1 Immigration Project Digital Stories
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You had great pictures with very smooth transitions. The music went well with your voice and your story. It was amazing to hear that both of your grandfathers fought in WWII! The thank yous at the end were very touching. Great job.