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Great American Book Report

due Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Students will present their book reports to the class during the weeks of February 22nd and February 27th.


Click here for the book report directions 

Frequently Asked Questions...

Q: Does my child have to read a book or can the report be done based on information from the Internet?

  A: Students must read a book, because it is a book report. Students can choose a book from the school, classroom, or public libraries. In addition to reading a book, students may also conduct research on the Internet.   

Q: Does the biography have to be about an American? 

A: Yes, the Great American must be a real person. The person can still be alive. Students may choose a famous historical figure, sports figure, scientist, inventor, etc.  

Q: My child and I are reading a biography together about a Great American. Can the book report be written on this book or does my child have to read the book entirely alone?

A: The book report may be written on a book a parent and child are working on together.

Q: Must my child select a book based on his/her quizzing range in Accelerated Reader? 

A: No. Students may pick any biography or autobiography. Of course, if the book happens to fall within the student's A.R. quizzing range, the student may take a quiz on the book.  

Q: Can I come to see my child's book report presentation? 

A: Parents are invited to view their child's presentation. Feel free to bring a camera or video camera. The presentations are a real hoot! A schedule of the presentations will posted on this webpage above at the beginning of February.

 Q: Can my child read the written book report for the presentation?

A: Children may refer to their book report or to note cards during the presentation if they wish. Children will be stopped during the presentation if they are reading from their book report. Click on the link to the book report directions above. There are Questions for Thought that will help your child guide the presentation.

Q: How will the project be graded? 

A: The book report project will earn three grades: 50 points for the written book report; 25 points for the costume and drawing and 25 points for the presentation.  

Q: How elaborate does the costume for the presentation need to be?

A: The costume does not have to be elaborate at all. It can be as simple as a cottonball beard and construction paper hat for Abe Lincoln. Use what you have at home to patch a costume together. The purpose of the costume is to put the student into the "role" of the Great American. In addition, the kids look awfully cute!

Keep those questions coming!


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