Cactus Shadows High School Mathemtics Department provides a full range of regular, honors, Advanced Placement, and International Baccalaureate mathematics courses designed to meet the graduation and university entrance requirement needs of all students. Course offerings include Algebra 1/2, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra 3/4, Honors Algebra 3/4, Pre-Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, Elements of Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and IB Math Studies SL.
Please visit the CCUSD AZ Common Core Standards [CCS] for Mathematics web page to explore the CSHS Curriculum Guides, Benchmark Blueprints, as well as more in-depth information of the AZ CCS.

Calculator Policy

Calculators are allowed within each mathematics classroom as a tool to facilitate calculations within complex problems. However, if the intent of the problem is a simple calculation such as a typical number sense problem found on a PARC test review, calculators are not allowed. The use of a calculator in any math class will be at the discretion of the instructor.

AIMS Support

The ninth grade math curriculum supports AIMS performance objectives with emphasis placed on concepts that address typical AIMS questions.

All Geometry classes use the "AIMing for Success" program to incorporate daily practice on AIMS performance objectives within their regular activities.

All juniors and seniors have the option to enroll in individualized AIMS tutoring sessions held after school.


All mathematics teachers encourage students to seek additional on any concepts causing confusion or if an assignments requires an individual more than 30 minutes to complete. Regular office hours are held both before anf after school.




Students can expect to receive daily homework assignments (including Fridays) designed to practice curriculum objectives. Assignments will generally be started during the class period, but students should expect to be responsible for up to 30 minutes of daily work outside of the class period.